The NUHO Online Film Festival

Innovative. Interactive. Independent. In your home.

Have you ever wanted to attend a big Hollywood film festival but just didn't have the resources to do so? Well now you can. The only difference is that we are bringing the festival to you. NUHO Online Film Festival is presenting the world's first all-inclusive film gala, including parties, film panels and amazing independent films. No more scouring the planet at multiple film festivals for new films. NUHO Online Film Festival is the first destination hub for new content (shorts to feature films). NUHO connects filmmakers to audiences and Hollywood industry professionals in an easy and cost-efficient manner. We are Sundance, Tribeca, Toronto, and Cannes, all rolled into one online platform.

  • Can't make it to Sundance? Visit NUHO!
  • Can't afford Tribeca? Watch NUHO!
  • Can't find the time to visit SXSW? Attend NUHO!
  • Crowds, parking, and people — not for you? Go to NUHO!

Not only can you screen your films, but you can also tell your friends to watch it.

The New Hollywood (NUHO) Online Film Festival is a whole new experience for both filmmakers and audiences! The 2014 NUHO Online Film Festival brings the full festival experience to audiences to the comfort of home. Watch films, stream live events, vote for your favorite films, and be part of the action no matter where you are in the world.

Watch the festival on your television using any of your Apple devices and Apple Airplay. Click here for more information.

Dear Filmmakers,

As we approach the end of the inaugural NUHO Online Film Festival, we wanted to extend one very appreciative THANK YOU!

Without each of you taking a chance and allowing your film be part of our experiment, this festival launch would have never been possible.

This first time out we were met with several different challenges and with your help we worked through each of them. We all at NuHo thank you for your patience and flexibility with us.

While we may have fallen short on our traffic and sales forecasts, we broke ground with this first festival. Many within the industry said this festival would never happen - that filmmakers would never accept an online festival format - but you helped us prove "them" wrong. In fact, sponsors were even skeptical about the execution and kept us at arm's length. That will not be case in the future, thanks to you guys.

By executing on this first festival, we have overcome many obstacles and hurdles. You, the filmmaker are the true visionaries. You have opened the door for future filmmakers to have a place to exhibit their art on a worldwide platform and get distribution deals without being taken advantage of and without the high cost of attending a traditional film festival.

In fact, we had visitors in 113 countries and all 50 states. Our next time out we will be able to sustain a far broader reach with a much more robust marketing team and budget. I share this information with you all in the hopes that everybody stays in touch with us and treats this festival as their own. Because at the end of the day your content is what made this happen.

Please know that the future success and growth of NuHo will always be a result of you sharing in the vision.

Thank You,

Keith Mitchell
CEO & Founder


Northwood February 7
BORN & RAISED February 9
Miles to Go February 10
Liars, Fires and Bears February 12
3 References February 14
Papadopoulos & Sons February 15
Trust, Greed, Bullets & Bourbon February 16
An Oversimplification of Her Beauty February 17
ColdWater February 18
The Frontier Boys February 19
Crackheads February 20
First Period February 21
Qwerty February 22
Be Good - Encore Performance February 23
The Battery - Encore Performance February 23
Sodium Party February 24
Frames February 24
Jerry Powell & the Delusions of Grandeur February 25
LOST on PURPOSE February 26
Empire of Dirt February 27
The Poor & Hungry February 28



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