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Be Good - Encore Performance

Paul is a workaholic who makes small, socially-conscious films. Mary is a social worker helping Guatemalan children. Pearl is their spirited 6-month old daughter. When Mary returns to work after her maternity leave, Paul is in charge. He struggles to adapt a book as he pacifies Pearl and is quickly ensnared in a web of fatherly duty and personal ambition. Meanwhile, Mary misses Pearl terribly, but her benefits are the only security the family has. As Paul's disinterest in his work grows, money becomes tighter and his attachment to Pearl intensifies, Mary is left out in the cold. It comes to a head one day when a Paul's good nature gets the best of him and he quickly becomes the jerk he thought he'd never be.

Run Time:
71 minutes
Todd Looby & Thomas Madden
Todd Looby


  • Amy Seimetz
  • Thomas Madden
  • Joe Swanberg
  • Todd Looby
  • Tessa Day Looby
  • Billy Phelan
  • Paul Gordn


  • Best Feature - United Film Festival - SF
  • Best Feature - United Film Festival - NY
  • Best Actor - Midwest Independent Film Fest
  • Best Screenplay - Midwest Independent Film Fest
  • Best Director - Victoria, TX Independent Film Festival
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