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NUHO's online film festival is the first of its kind. We are taking the traditional film festival experience and bringing it along with all the accoutrements and bringing it directly to you.

The Inaugural NUHO Online Film Festival begins February 7, 2014. In addition to screening Festival Finalists online, will host live events which you will also watch all online. The festival will continue through February 28 and close with the awards ceremony featuring the announcement of the People's Choice Awards.

That's what so cool about NUHO – the festival is wherever you are! We'll host live events: the Red Carpet opening in Brooklyn, panel discussions, party rooms and an awards ceremony – you can attend them in person, stream them live, or watch them later from the convenience and comfort of your favorite chair or coffee shop.

NUHO‘s films can be screened from virtually any computer or mobile device that has internet access and a browser.

No. Films will be available for streaming only for the duration of the festival. Festival films will be encoded and encrypted to protect from piracy – they will be available for screening only via the festival website and only during the festival dates of February 7-28.

NUHO uses adaptive bit-rate streaming to deliver the highest quality media that your internet connection and device can handle.  Optimally, if your connection and device can handle it, you'll see a high-definition picture at 1280x720 with stereo audio.  While you're streaming, we'll check every ten seconds or so to make certain you're getting the best stream possible - if your connection and/or device require, we'll adapt the bit rate and send an appropriate screen resolution to optimize your viewing experience. 

The NUHO Online Film Festival Finalists will be announced on February 1, 2014.

NUHO Festival Passes will be available online throughout the festival. There are three types of festival passes:
Single Screening Pass: $1.99 – 24 hour access to single film of your choosing.
Full Film Pass: $9.99 – unlimited online access to all of the festival films for the duration of the festival.
VIP Pass: $14.99 – unlimited online access to the festival films and all of the special events including the opening night red-carpet streaming, the party room, director's chat rooms, panel discussions, and keynotes.
Other Passes: Al la carte passes to festival events like the Red-Carpet live and streamed events, panel discussions, and keynotes will be available at varying prices. Tickets will be available online once the festival lineup has been finalized.

Throughout the festival, February 7-28, you'll have the chance to vote for your favorite films. People's Choice Awards will be given in the following categories: Best Narrative Feature, Best Documentary Feature, and Best Short.

Each NUHO festival pass-holder may vote once for each of the four People's Choice Award categories. The categories are: Best Narrative Feature, Best Documentary Feature, Best Narrative Short, and Best Narrative Feature.

It is NUHO's goal to get your film maximum targeted exposure with the least amount of effort. If you want to spend hundreds of dollars on submission fees, thousands of dollars on hotel and travel accommodations to have your film viewed in a theatre with limited reach - then the NUHO Film Festival is not for you. If you want to have your film reach millions of people including industry and audiences while making money doing it then NUHO Film Festival is for you.

Well, it depends. We've heard all the arguments against online film festival made by people very comfortable within the current system. The middle men in Hollywood - the people who traditionally exploit filmmakers and make the most money doing so will tell you absolutely - that the value of your film will be cannibalized. They thrive on your fears and insecurities. After all, you are an artist. What the NUHO site does is get your film the most exposure to the world with the most direct and quickest stream of money back to YOU, the creator of the film. Let's do some simple math. If in 3 weeks, your film attracts 5 million streams at $1.99 on the NUHO site. Minus costs, merchant service fees, etc., you walk away with about 25 cents per stream. Doesn't seem like much, but multiplied by 5 million stream and you get $1.25 million. Pretty nice chunk of change. But hey - if you'd rather take that upfront minimum guarantee or advance for $50K and never see another penny - or wait months maybe even years to see a penny after all the creative accounting, then go ahead. At NUHO - we're 100% transparent. 

Yes! NUHO Film Festival is the first festival anywhere to offer revenue sharing for filmmakers. All of the feature film finalists will be paid 20% of the per-streaming net proceeds for their films.

As filmmaking is a creative process, NUHO doesn't have a strict decision-making criteria, but these are some of the characteristics that we hope to find in the submissions: good writing, creativity, technical quality, stellar performances and overall appeal. The finalists will be selected by the festival staff and directors.

The Festival Jury will select the award winners from the festival finalists. Jury awards will be given in the following categories: Grand Prize for Best Narrative Feature, Grand Prize for best Documentary, Best Narrative Short, Best Documentary Short, Best U.S. Premiere.

The People's Choice Awards will be selected on the basis of popular vote. Each festival pass-holder will be prompted to vote for the People's Choice Awards in the following categories: Best Narrative Feature, Best Documentary Feature, Best Narrative Short, and Best Narrative Feature.

NUHO will screen each and every film that is submitted within the festival submission guidelines and deadlines.

The festival finalists will be announced not later than February 1, 2014. Sign up for the NUHO News to be notified by email or text.

NUHO film submissions are accepted online only. It's simple and you can do it now.

  1. Create your NUHO account
  2. Pay the festival submission fee
  3. Populate your film's metadata (tagline, synopsis, cast, director/producer/writer)
  4. Upload your film. Download step-by-step instructions to submit your film here.

* Film uploads require a constant internet connection for the duration of the upload. Upload times vary depending film length, codec, internet connection speed and bandwidth. See Upload Guidelines for more information.

Official Submission Deadline - Ends January 1
Short Film (Max 30 Minutes) - $25
Feature & Documentary Film (Max 240 Minutes) - $35

Nope. Submissions are accepted by upload only.

When your film is selected as a NUHO finalist, prospective agents and distribution companies from around the world will have special access to screen and consider your film. Think about it – an unlimited number of agents and distributors will get a chance to see your film, on their own schedule, without airport layovers, crowded venues, and other distractions. They'll have immediate access to everything you provide: director's video, stills, trailer, EPK, one sheet. NUHOs network of relationships will afford your film more and better opportunities for a distribution deal than virtually any other festival. And if you win the grand prize, your film is guaranteed a distribution deal!

Rev-share: NUHO Finalists will received a revenue share every time their film is screened during the festival. Worldwide exposure to film enthusiast and distributors and sales agents.

Jury Awards: NUHO finalists will be eligible for Jury awards in the following categories: Grand Prize for Best Narrative Feature, Grand Prize for Best Documentary, Best Narrative Short, Best Documentary Short, and Best U.S. Premiere. Award winners will receive NUHO Festival laurels as well as virtual and literal trophies.

People's Choice Awards: NUHO finalists will be eligible for People's Choice awards in the following categories: Best Narrative Feature, Best Documentary Feature, Best Narrative Short, and Best Narrative Feature. Award winners will receive NUHO Festival laurels as well as virtual and literal trophies.

Every Festival Pass holder is an eligible voter for the People's Choice Awards. Each pass-holder may vote once in each category. Full Festival and VIP pass holders may select from all of the finalists when they vote. Single Screening Pass-holders may vote only for the films for which they've purchased passes.

The NUHO Finalists will be announced on February 1, 2014.

The NUHO Award winners will be announced on February 28, 2014.

We want to help you make your media look and sound as good as possible for your fans. There's a direct correlation between how large your media file is and how good it looks - so we'd like to minimize your upload time while keeping your media high quality.

Encode your media so it looks and sounds the best possible under 5 GB. While we may support files larger than 5 GB, they take a long time to upload.

Video Codec: h.264
Details: Multipass, B-Frames
Screen Size: up to 1920x1080
Video Bitrate: up to 8000 kbps
Audio Bitrate: up to 384kbps

NUHO Online Film Festival supports hundreds of other codecs. Currently we do not support:
Apple Intermediate, HDV, ProRes 4444, Go2Meeting3, REDCODE, and ER AAC LD.

We accept and support all manner of file types for your marketing media. File size for Images, Trailers, and Press Kits should not exceed 500 MB.

Acceptable Marketing Media Types: ZIP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, TXT, PDF, DOC, DOCX, MOV, M4V, MP4, MPEG, WMV

NUHO Online Film Festival video quality is based on how fast the fan's internet connection is and what device is being used - estimated every 10 seconds. That means that if a fan is watching your film and their internet connection slows, they may notice a decrease in encode quality but the film is unlikely to stop playing altogether. When their internet connection is back to normal, they will start seeing the best quality encode that their connection can handle.

Not yet. Media uploaded with 5.1 surround files will be converted to stereo for streaming - although we keep the original media for possible use in the future.

That all depends on a number of factors, including your filesize, the speed of your internet connection, and how long your film is. While your film is uploading, take some time to fill in the rest of the important information that jurors and festival goers want to know about your film.

If for some reason you need to leave the page (or get booted from the net) before your film is done uploading, no worries! Just restart the upload and it will pick up where it left off.

Please contact Technical Support with any technical issues you may be experiencing. Include your name, contact information (phone or email), and a detailed description of your issue.
(317) 300-NUHO (6846)

We recommend using internet browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox which all support HTML-5 multi-part uploads. Internet Explorer does not support HTML-5 and therefore you will not be able to upload your film.

We've created an easy step by step guide to help walk you through how to upload your film and get it submitted. You can download the PDF here.

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